Meet Kathy, Owner & Curator at 32nd Street Mercantile of Camp Hill

Kathy Carbonaro got her start in the crafting world 39 years ago after being invited by a friend to attend an in-home candy making demonstration. Inspired by all the many ways she could creatively package her delicious treats she launched her homemade goodies at her very first craft show.

Outdoor shows brought with them warm weather and melting candy, so Kathy pivoted to cutting and painting her own wooden designs, as well as buying and selling antiques and collectibles she came across while traveling and exploring local yard sales, consignment shops, and antique malls.

Soon Kathy discovered she had quite the talent for decorating and upcycling antique treasures with seasonal and themed embellishments. Appearing in every major craft show up and down the eastern seaboard for almost a decade and wanting to create a warm, welcoming, and inviting experience for her growing crowd of devoted customers to return to year after year, Kathy hosted her very first annual home show called The Carousel!

32 years and many different expansions later, The Carousel has been retired from its original form as a 3 day long yearly event the first weekend of every November and has been reborn as The 32nd Street Mercantile of Camp Hill! Encouraged by her friends, family, loyal customers, and devoted husband, Tom, Kathy is excited to welcome new and old friends to experience what she built over many decades in her home at her very first brick and mortar store.

Featuring specially curated antique and collectible treasures, as well as custom creations from a dozen local artisans and designers, 32nd Street Mercantile is excited to offer Camp Hill residents and visitors a variety of creative home furnishings, seasonal décor, and unique gift ideas for all occasions!

1 thought on “Meet Kathy, Owner & Curator at 32nd Street Mercantile of Camp Hill

  1. Sarah Hankinson August 29, 2022 — 9:46 pm

    Hello, I’m a local artist who is just getting her start in the business, and I would like to request a spot in your store. I didn’t find a spot to make a formal request, so hopefully this reaches you. I like to make art from discarded foil wrappers, and I’m experimenting with metal found objects as well. I currently sell necklaces and small aluminum foil figurines, but I’m working to expand to small decorative wire trees and the found metal bracelets. Hopefully this would make a good addition to your store, though as I understand, the slots are only available for a month at a time? I’m looking forward to hearing back from you about a possible spot in your store! Have a great day!


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